Top Five Reason To Keep Chickens

Raising chickens doesn’t have to be difficult. There are actually lots of reasons individuals may want to cultivate chickens in their backyard. Some of best reasons are listed below.

Chickens Love To Eat Your Leftovers

A chicken’s cravings are unbelievable. They can eat nearly every little thing, You can now say so long to those unwanted leftovers being left rotting in your fridge or ending up in the trash. You won’t feel the guilt of wasting food while tossing them out into the trash. Also, you can save on chicken feed expenses.


Who doesn’t like eggs? Have them scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, poached, etc. Admit it, the family pets enjoying the comforts of living inside your home don’t provide anything other than barks, meows, purrs, and chirps. None of these tamed animals create something edible. Well, chickens, on the other hand, produce eggs. Some breeds can produce 200 to 300 eggs a year. A few chicken in your backyard can provide all the eggs your family needs.

Chickens Can Supply All The Eggs Your Family Needs

You can eat fresh eggs right from the source. Freshly laid eggs are much more tasty and nourishing than those purchased in the supermarket. You’ll notice the appearance and shade of eggs purchased in the store is way different than those of the fresh ones.

Great Resource For Your Organic Garden

Your grass or backyard will never look better. Hens will eat potentially anything that’s organic. They consume insects living in your backyard – grubs, beetles, pests, earwigs, as well as anything that comes close.

After their food digests their poop becomes a great natural fertilizer. Chicken manure keeps your garden soil healthy and the plants growing.

Low Maintenance Pets

Chickens have their own personalities like other pets. They can be a great source of amusement. However, unlike other pets they don’t need brushing and cleaning everyday. They also quite happy entertaining their selves. All you need to do is give them their everyday requirements like food and water. You’ll also need to clean their coop at least twice a month

Lawn And Weed Maintenance

Now you can reduce the amount of time you spend mowing your yard by getting chickens. For chickens yards, weeds, and leaves are delicious treats. Not only will chickens keep the lawn clipped, they will also keep it bug free.

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