Raised Vegetable Garden Bed (Great for Apartment/Condo Patios)

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed (Great for Apartment/Condo Patios)

You don't have let living in an apartment or condo stop you from growing your own vegetables, herbs, or strawberries. This elevated cedar planter makes a great raised vegetable garden bed and can be easily assembled without tools.

The overall dimensions are 23.2" W x 49.2" L x 30" H. The planting area measures 19.6" W x 45.6" L x 8.0" D. It has a soil capacity of 4.1 cu. ft. (about 60 quarts of soil)

This raised bed lets you work on your garden without bending over. Its attractive looks adds style and beauty to any patio or deck. I'm temporarily in an apartment and this elevated garden bed has made it easy for my wife and I to continue growing tomatoes and peppers on our balcony. It can be used in your home's backyard or patio as well and will be moved with us.

If you have limited space or no yard this product is a great way to grow your own produce (or flowers) on your patio. It's solidly built of solid cedar and will last for years.

It is naturally rot and insect resistant because it is made of 100% western red cedar. The bed is a comfortable height for working and high enough off the ground to protect plants from small pets.

You can also find a self-watering version on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2N5QqYP

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